This Post was called Jump. It explained why I had to give up my studio in Talkeetna. Somehow that part of the post about Robert Sheldon was edited out. So in all fairness, I have decide to post the full story about why I gave up my studio.

I need to start this story about 11 months before Roberta died, when she got her medical bed. I believe that mattress must of been stored folded in half; because, there was not enough padding in the center of the mattress. Roberta told her son, and he did get a pad to lay on top of the mattress in the first month. I help Roberta changed out her bedding and we tried stuff padding under the mattress. Flipping the mattress. Shaking the mattress. Nothing worked. Roberta did say that she had asked her son to get a new mattress for her.

About 4 month into this, Roberta had taken to laying on top of all her bedding and going to bed with many coats, so she would have some padding under her. By this time, I don't believe Roberta had capability of using her phone other then dialing per-set numbers. I call and left a message on Marine Sheldon's cell and a week later, I believe on Robert Sheldon's cell phone. They did nothing about the mattress. So then I e-mail Roberta's brother. He did nothing about the mattress. I finally called the company myself. And a new mattress was delivery.

Roberta passed. A year passed. Promises were made to me, that were not kept by "the family". So, I hired a Attorney. And found out that Roberta's signed her last will months after she concluded that sleeping on top of a non-mattress mattress in her coats was her only option. Within 2 hours of finding this information out, I gave up my studio.

I did not JUMP away from Robert & Marine Sheldon, I RAN.

For those of you who did not know Robert and Marine Sheldon, he is financial advisor, with millions in Alaska.

The only reason I am posting this after all these month is because "my computer" was edited. Which, here in this blog, those edits gave the impression that I left Alaska, because I tried of the place. Which was/ is far from true.

June 1ish above was posted to Facebook. I found the edits to my computer and posted while mad, so I'm not sure of the date.

June 11, 2017. This was sent to all parties concerned June 11, 2017. I have always been told, if your going to write something about someone. You should be able to give it to them.

June 14, 2017 Post was removed from Facebook. No reason given.

June 23, 2017 Reposted to facebook. Yes, I will keep you updated on the progress with this on monthly basis. Thank you for asking. Next schedule post is July 12.

June 24, 2017. Post removed from facebook. No reason given or who had it removed.

July 12, 2017 - A very heavy weight was released, from my heart because all of you now know what the "good" son did to my friend. I'm smiling and joyful, for the first time since leaving Alaska.

I do fear that Robert Sheldon will do this to other elders I know. So, if their is an attorney, who can see a way to make money off Robert Sheldon and allow me to reach a couple of goals (two noted below). They can have 100% of the money. Four years of caring for my friend, illness and an unplanned moved leaves me with very little in the bank account, but I would not want anyone to think that I'm the Gold Digger here.

Alaska's Commission on Judicial Conduct. The Commission addresses problems of judicial conduct. Since 2008 Robert Sheldon has sat on this commission; therefore, Robert Sheldon sits in judgment of the ethics of all the judges and lawyers in the State of Alaska.

I am going to put my efforts into getting him removed from this board.

7/17/17 am - post was removed from facebook. I do find it interesting that this post can be removed from facebook, but not from the internet.

7/28/17 - Like magic, when I checked this morning, all post had been restore to Facebook.

08/02/17 - Post was removed. Swift Stitches, the website (home of this blog) has seemingly been dropped from search engines. Call me hard headed, stupid...what ever,... I more than walked away from this when I sold my land. I will not walk away from this a second time.

08/12/17 - This hacking stuff is very interesting. This time they left the post up, but inserted empty text boxes, changed the font color on the dates for posting, deleting post and just generally made a mess of the web side. Cute. I did find a very nice picture of Robert, so your elders will know what he looks like.

08/12/17 - Post was e-mailed to the full Alaska Legislature, Attorney General, and Marine Sheldon.

08/15/17 - Post removed from facebook. and magical re-appeared in the afternoon.

This is the first post on Oregonswiftstitches.com blog. Post is called Ran, dated 08/28/15.