Effective Communication thru Hacking

Rep Chris Birch

On Thursday, August 17, 2017 8:49am, Rep. Chris Birch wrote:

Best wishes with your move to the Oregon coast – it is a beautiful area. We traveled through there a couple years ago and visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory – what’s not to like.

I didn’t know Roberta but went to school with her brother Whit in Fairbanks and had met her father. It sounds like you were a tremendous support to her.

Thanks, Chris

On Thursday, August 17, at 8:30 am, Kym Swift wrote:

Thank you for your response.

May I ask, are you going to do anything about what he did? Do you need more information?

I fear that money will trump, decency. It was the rare person that treated Roberta as the person that she was, not the shadow that was cast by money, her father or husband.

On Sat, Sep2at 11:54am, Rep. Chris Birch wrote:

I would encourage you to continue communications with the family and to hold close your positive memories.

Thanks, Chris.

Does Rep. Chris Birch use hacking as a form of communicating? Seems unlikely, but… is that not what he is suggesting?

10/26/18 Here are the hacking/communication high-lights of the past years Robert Sheldon. They started with simple hacking/communications…. editorial changes, inserting empty text box over key names/dates, deleting posts... Moving on to…killing computers, restoring deleted e-mail, controlling the router, turned on microphones... The last two sales event I advertised for my retail business, my computer was hacked (to the point of non-use), on the first day of said dates. I have replaced computers, hard-drives, routers, and modems, own an “air gap”, ignored any on-line business and stopped all advertising. I've received phishing e-mail for Home Security. And someone signed me up for Amber Alerts... Which I have received only one alert, for an Alaska female, diving a Subaru.

By offering more information Rep. Chris Birch, I had hope to talk about many issues…. Like how I had recently called Geneva Woods, asked them if they recorded their calls. They told me sometimes they do record phone calls. So, more than a paper trail, there could be a voice trail.

Robert you should file a defamation of character law suit. But then again, you can't can you. For I have not said anything not true. The only thing Robert seems to able to do, is hack/kill my computer to scare me off.